The 7 Best Hikes of Interlaken’s Jungfrau Region

Yodelei, yodelei, yodelei jiju my dear wonder friends and greetings from Switzerland! Today is my last day in this wonderful country and I’m already looking forwards to visiting it again.

You see, Switzerland is one of those places that will make your neck hurt since you’ll be turning your head around every single time to fully take in the majestic landscapes that will surround you.

Not convinced yet? Well, I hope you’re ready for this following article that includes my personal highlights of the month I spent exploring the Jungfrau region plus the answer to the one million dollar question about how expensive is Switzerland.

Top things to do and see in Interlaken

The Train to Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe

My Alpine Life of Wonders

There was once a lonely man in a lonely mountain. Each day he woke up to the sound of cows grazing in the plains. Each day he walked aimlessly for hours. Each day he slept under the starry sky waiting for the next day to arrive.

He breathed fresh air and drank the water that come from the glaciers. He befriended the animals that were kind enough to share their lives with him. He sang the songs that only the mountains can understand as he smiled to the horizon and exclaimed:

“I’m living the dream. This is what true freedom looks like. I am the Man of Wonders and I’m glad for the life I have built for myself…”

The Swiss Cows of the Jungfrau Region

The Swiss Cows of the Jungfrau Region

That was the life of self-discovery. That was the life of freedom and adventure. That was the life of wonders. That man was me and now it pains my heart to depart this wonderful land where I learned so many things about myself and where I have now left a piece of my soul behind.

Living in the Swiss Alps will change your life and sometimes, all you have to do is to close your eyes and listen carefully to the calling of Mother Nature. You see, Mother Nature is the most talented designer of them all and the Swiss Alps are one of her most beautiful masterpieces. 

Are you ready to explore the Jungfrau region with me, my wonder friends?

The view from Jungfrauhoch Sphinx

The view from Jungraujochs’ Sphinx

Note: Please be aware that most maps of the region are upside down and the mountains of the Jungfrau region are actually located South of Interlaken; this is very important in case you want to hike with a compass and also to select the best spots for watching the sunrise/sunset.

The way from Interlaken to Kleine Scheidegg/Jungfraujoch is better understood as a circle meaning that you can go up from the right via Lauterbrunnen or from the left via Grindelwald (and you can come back down the opposite way without paying anything extra).

Map of Interlaken and its surrounding areas

Map of the Interlaken-Jungfrau Regions

Highlights of the Jungfrau Region #01: Explore the 72 Waterfalls of the Valley of Lauterbrunnen

Starting from Interlaken, your number one stop in the Jungfrau region is Lauterbrunnen (30 minutes by train), known as the valley of the waterfalls. In fact, you can find 72 waterfalls in the 3-hour hike that goes from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg.

From Lauterbrunnen you can either continue your way to the Jungfraujoch via Kleine Scheidegg or take a small detour to the Schilthorn-Piz Gloria (via Mürren), the peak where James Bond’s “On Her Majesty Secret Service” was filmed.

Lauterbrunnen and its 76 Waterfalls

Lauterbrunnen and its 72 Waterfalls

Highlights of the Jungfrau Region #02: Enjoy the peace and quietness of the car-free village of Mürren

Mürren is a really small village (you can go from one end to another in 10 minutes) and its best known for being home to the cable-car that goes to the Schilthorn-Piz Gloria although I definitely recommend you to spend at least one night at one of the traditional hotels and guest houses located here.

Due to Mürren’s high altitude, you can enjoy majestic views of the Eiger-Mönch-Jungfrau mountains during the sunrise plus, you’ll have plenty of time to take the last cable car from the Schilthorn-Piz Gloria allowing you to see the sunset from there.

Murren, the car-free alpine village

Murren, the car-free alpine village

Top things to do in the Jungfrau Region #03: Retrace James Bond’s footsteps at the Schilthorn-Piz Gloria

From Mürren, you can take a cable-car all the way up to the Schilthorn-Piz Gloria (or hike for a little bit more than two hours). During summertime, the last cable car going back to Mürren departs at 20:25 giving you enough time to enjoy the sunset from the peak.

The Piz Gloria, once a secret super villain lair, is now a revolving restaurant where you can order a 007 Martini (shaked, not stirred!). And yes, I admit that the film “On Her Majesty Secret Service” wasn’t that good but trust me when I say that the views from the Schilthorn-Piz Gloria definitely make up for it!

Sunset at the Piz Gloria Schilthorn

Sunset at the Schilthorn-Piz Gloria

Highlights of the Jungfrau Region #04: Do the UNESCO World Heritage Eiger Trail from Kleine Scheidegg

Once you’re back to Lauterbrunnen, it is time to continue your epic train journey to the Top of Europe and your next stop is Kleine Scheidegg, one of the most epic train stations in the world and the starting point of my favourite hike of the region: The Path of Endless Wonders (yes, I named it after me).

The Path of Endless Wonders (copyright pending) is the hike from Kleine Scheidegg to Eigergletscher: a very easy one hour journey in which you will see cows, mountains, trains, lakes and much more! PS. Did I mention the fact that Clint Eastwood filmed a movie here?

Reflections at Kleine Scheidegg

Alpine reflections at Kleine Scheidegg

Highlights of the Jungfrau Region #05: See fresh snow all year round at the Top of Europe, Jungfraujoch

Have you ever imagined touching snow in the middle of the Summer? Located at an altitude of 3,454 meters (11,332 ft), the Jungraujoch is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you can walk in the snow all year round and enjoy an up-close view of the most famous peaks of the region.

Wonder Tip: Make sure to arrive very early in the morning if you want to avoid crowds and be aware that tickets to the Jungfraujoch can actually be sold out during the summer. Also, don’t forget to stop at the Lindt chocolate shop to get some free samples! Who doesn’t loves Swiss chocolates?

Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe

Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe

Highlights of the Jungfrau Region #06: Take the cable car to Grindelwald First and zip-line from the top

After having fun at the legendary Jungraujoch, it is time to go back down and instead of going to Interlaken using the same route, you can choose to go down from the opposite direction by boarding the Grindelwald train from Kleine Scheidegg.

From Grindelwald you can take the cable-car up to the place known as the First (no, there is no Second or Third) from where you can zip-line and take beautiful hikes with the Wetterhorn mountain in the background. My favourite one? The easy one hour hike to Lake Bachalpsee in which you can see beautiful reflections of the Alpine mountains.

Alpine life at Grindelwald First, Jungrau region

Alpine life at Grindelwald-First, Jungfrau region

Highlights of the Jungfrau Region #07: Ditch the map and get lost in one of the many trails of the region

Finally (and trust me, I saved the best for last), the last personal highlight of my time at the Jungfrau region is the many improvised hikes I did in this incredible corner of the world.

Have you ever drank from the Alpine waters? Have you ever listened to the cows as they graze in the green pastures? What are you waiting for? Come visit Switzerland to do all of this and more, my dear wonder friends!!!

Nature at the Jungfrau region of Switzerland

Nature at the Jungfrau region of Switzerland

How expensive is to travel in Switzerland?

“But wait a minute, Raphael…isn’t Switzerland one of the most expensive countries in the world? How did you managed to afford to travel that much there?”

Well, my dear wonder friends, while Switzerland is way more expensive than the European countries that surround it (France, Germany, Italy and Austria), there are many ways to explore its wonders without breaking the bank.

However, I must warn you that you better prepare yourself for the many heart attacks you’ll suffer once you see the price of some of the most basic stuff now that the Swiss Franc (CHF) is virtually on the same level as the Euro and the USD.

Train Travel in Europe

Train Travel in Europe

Trains in Switzerland are very cost-effective although prices can quickly add up if you don’t have a rail pass and while the Eurail Pass is one of the best options when traveling from city to city, most railways that operate in the Swiss Alps are private owned and at best, they offer a 25 to 50% discount to Eurail Pass holders.

Trains in the Jungfrau region are operated exclusively by Jungfrau Railways and the fares are reasonably priced up to Kleine Scheidegg (40 CHF one way from Interlaken via Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen). The most expensive leg of the journey, however, is the way from Kleine Scheidegg to Junfraujoch (62 CHF one way).

You can see all prices for individual fares here.

Top things to do and see in Interlaken

The Bernese Alps and the Jungfrau

Luckily, there are many alternative rail passes that you can purchase to see all of the Jungfrau region without breaking the bank (bear in mind that a return ticket to Jungfraujoch from Interlaken is already 204 CHF) such as:

The Jungfrau VIP Pass (3 days for 245 CHF) offering unlimited travel within the Jungfrau region including 1 visit to the Jungfraujoch. This pass is perfect for you if you want to focus on the Jungfrau region only.

The Swiss Travel Pass (3 days for 210 CHF) offering unlimited train travel within Switzerland national railways plus 50% discount on mountain private railways (such as Jungfrau Railways) and cable-cars. It also includes free admission to over 480 museums. Read all about my favourite places to visit in the Swiss Alps here.

Traditional alpine restaurants

Traditional alpine restaurant at Schynige Platte

Finally, food and accommodation in Switzerland can be as expensive or as cheap as you want them to be. In Interlaken, there are budget hostels for backpackers (read all about it here) while Lauterbrunnen has a fairly big campsite for the adventurous ones.

Food in restaurants can set you back about 20-30 CHF for a one person lunch and 50-100 CHF for a one person dinner although supermarket prices are relatively low and you can cook your own dinner for as little as 5-10 CHF.

In the end, I must say that enjoying the nature itself is always free although getting there might be a little bit expensive but overall, you shouldn’t let high prices stop you from experiencing the incredible life at the Swiss Alps!

The Man of Wonders at Lake Bachalpsee

The Man of Wonders at Lake Bachalpsee

Where to stay in Interlaken, Switzerland

Accommodation in Interlaken can be (surprisingly) more affordable than what you think although you can always find luxurious hotel where you can recreate the glamour of the Belle Epoque. Here’s a list of my recommendations for all types of budgets:

For luxury and boutique hotels, I recommend the Landhotel Golf & Salazano Spa and the Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel. When it comes to hostel, my best choices are the Balmer’s Heberge and the Youth Hostel Interlaken.

You can make a booking for this and more properties via our Affiliate Link of Wonders!

Same price for you and a small pocket money commission for this website of yours.

Sweet deal, uh?

Top things to do and see in Interlaken

Beatushohlen caves and waterfalls near Interlaken

Have you ever visited the Jungfrau region? What were some of your personal highlights? Would you like to hike The Endless Path of Wonders? Share your thoughts and let me know what you think!

Until next time my friends!!!

The Jungfrau region, near Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen Valley, is full of beautiful sights, mountains, epic train rides, beautiful cable cars and more via @journeywonders

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  1. Ron | Active Planet Travels

    Wow Raphael, Switzerland is even more beautiful than I have imagined. It’s good to know that I’ll be needing to save a pretty penny prior to visiting but, after all, that’s most of Europe isn’t it? haha

    Happy you had a great time – I can’t wait to explore the Valley of Lauterbrunnen as well as Murren myself one day! :D

  2. Meg Jerrard

    Fab photos! I loved the Jungfrau region while we were in Switzerland, and glad you included the top of Europe in your list! We loved taking the train to the very top of Europe, and the views were just out of this world. Highly recommend this region too – thanks for the feature!

  3. Toccara

    We visited the Jungfrau region last summer and absolutely fell in love. We loved the 30-minute cable-car ride from Grindenwald to Mannlichen, followed by the close to 3-mile hike from Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg. The scenery in this part of the world is spectacular! We also visited the village of Wengen, but didn’t make it to Murren. Guess we have to go back for another visit! :)

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    Great photos! I’ve always wanted to visit Switzerland–hopefully we can make it there soon! Looks like such a gorgeous country and I love all the beautiful nature!

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    I was in Interlaken but not really in Jungfrau region and as I’m thinking of returning to Switzerland next year I think I know where to go now! Thanks for the recommendation!

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    Switzerland is super stunning – no matter where you are. I don’t think I’ve been to this region yet but there’s still so much to see in the Alps … and it’s expensive, but well, so is Scandinavia :-)

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    The Jungfrau Eiger Region above Interlaken Switzerland is the most beautiful place in the world I have ever been. I can say no more than that.

  8. yvonnelaura

    I’m feeling nostalgic! We’ve spent so much time here when I was a kid. Your photos are amazing! They all look like screensavers

  9. sherly

    Hi Raphael, I want to know how many days u suggest to do all the highlights you mention above? I really want to spend around 2 days exploring Jungfrau region. Is it enough? Can you pls suggest itinerary day 1 and day 2? or if maybe need day 3? My plan is to stay 7 days in Switzerland. Thanks.

  10. Emily

    Amazing write up and photos!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share :) I’m traveling to the Jungfrau region in 2 weeks, staying in Murren. Can’t wait! Your info has been helpful in my research.
    I was wondering if you’d share what lenses you used for your photos? I have a Canon 100D and 70-200 and 10-18 lenses. Would love any input you’d be willing to offer!